Project 1


This “type as image” brief is to render a portrait of a famous personality in Adobe Illustrator using one typeface or typeface family.

Jack Nicholson by Adam Briggs, grad 2013
Typeface: Banshee Std

Twiggy by Caitlyn Neufeld, grad 2013
Typeface: Caslon

Woody Allen by Kira Campbell, grad 2013
Typeface: Scala Sans Light Italic

Al Pacino by Carolyn Jia, grad 2013
Typeface: STIX General

__ by Henry Slaughter, grad 2013
Typeface: Nuptial Script
[to come]

__ by Alex Tench, grad 2012
[to come]

John Travola by Jessica Marte, grad 2013
Tyepface: Brush Script

Spock by Jaime Gervais, grad 2013
Typeface: Myriad

Eminem by Alexandra Gordeyeva, grad 2013
Typeface: Glypha

Larry David by Becky Joy, grad 2013
Typeface: Franklin Gothic

Allen Ginsberg by Chris Dedinsky, grad 2013
Typeface: New Caledonia

Jack Layton by Allison Chambers, grad 2013
Typeface: Caslon

Frank Zappa by Camille Segur, grad 2013
Typeface: Bulmer

Please find below previous examples of work from the 2010 class.

Johnny Depp (as Edward Scissorhands) by Tiaré Jung, grad 2012
Typeface: Voluta Script
Johnny Depp

Clint Eastwood by Sarah Taylor, grad 2012
Typeface: Nuptial Script
Clint Eastwood

Mick Jagger by Tyler Hughes, grad 2012
Typeface: Bickham Script
Mick Jagger

Christopher Hitchens by Miles Chic, grad 2012
Typeface: Gill Sans
Christopher Hitchens

Karl Marx by Aarya Bahari, grad 2012
Typeface: Didot
Karl Marx

Janis Joplin by Kymberly Eppich, grad 2012
Typeface: Arnold Böcklin
Janis Joplin

Dita Von Teese by Crystal Lee, grad 2012
Typeface: Florens
Dita Von Teese

Sean Penn by Sarah Eno, grad 2012
Typeface: Delphin
Sean Penn

Audrey Tautou (from Amelie) by Sharon Hsiao, grad 2012
Typeface: Banshee
Audrey Tautou

Michael Jackson by Kristine Nilan, grad 2012
Typeface: Jenson
Michael Jackson

Sir Ian McKellen by Nathan Nicar, grad 2012
Typeface: Nueva
Sir Ian McKellen

Bob Marley by Karen Picketts, grad 2012
Typeface: Oxford
Bob Marley

Scooby Doo characters by Sarah Acres, grad 2011

Audrey Hepburn by Alice Clair, grad 2010

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